What is a QR code?

QR codes are dynamic triggers that bring your customers directly to your mobile site in seconds.
You have their attention NOW, so inspire them to act! 


Be Creative! StellarMobileQ accepts limitless content! 

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Generate a QR code

Integrate QR Codes with your Print Advertising and Promotional Materials


Easily generate a qr code to convert your print promotions into QR code accessible mobile website campaigns - no HTML experience needed. The mobile site is the ideal tool for increasing customer loyalty and interaction.  Our user friendly content management system allows you to update and change your mobile landing site instantly. Encourage your customers to bookmark your mobile site and return often for ongoing offers, promotions and company news.



Marketers no longer need to wait for the next publication or print run

StellarMobileQ stores your past promotions and images in your account for future use.  Last-minute advertising options are never a problem.  In seconds, you can create a new QR code online marketing campaign and link it to an existing promotion. 


Is your print advertising not generating the desired response to your offer?


No problem; login and change your mobile website.


Having a clearance sale and you run out of the promoted product?


It only takes minutes to replace the product on your mobile site or redirect your client to a different landing page.

Track real time marketing results

StellarMobileQ will tally the number of times people scan the QR code in a newspaper ad or direct mail. With those results, your clients will know which mediums best inspire their target customers to take action. The largest challange for most online marketing campaigns is measuring the ROI.


StellarMobileQ provides the solution 


We provide our clients with detailed, real time scan results for each campaign including metrics such as when and where your customers were when they scanned your code and many more.





This system allows you to see the results of the advertising dollars they spend with you.
You can also easily vary the links to QR codes as marketing campaigns evolve.